Other Projects

I've worked on various product, design, and research initiatives in Silicon Valley. Companies and clients include:

Kinsa: UX Research

I worked with a team of designers to iterate on Groups, a social feature available on the companion mobile app to Kinsa's best-selling smart thermometer. With Groups, users can share and track information about symptoms to stay informed about their community's health.

My main role on the team was to lead user research about new mothers - to evaluate if Groups would potentially serve their needs. I traveled to research participants' homes to conduct in-person interviews, gather photographs of health products used, and understand their workflows, needs, and goals. Ultimately, we decided that Groups was not a great fit for new mothers. This was primarily because - unlike school-aged parents and children - new moms & their babies tend to have smaller, more intimate circles and communal health tracking is a less of a pressing need.

Flywheel Taxi: Product Management

Traditionally, taxis are outfitted with several state-approved hardware components, which are used to connect to their disparate navigation, payments, and dispatch systems. Using Flywheel Taxi's platform, taxi drivers and fleet managers could replace this equipment with just a single Android device.

While on the product team at Flywheel Taxi, I helped manage product work and launch a significant new product for the taxi industry in California and New York City: the first-ever, GPS-based taximeter approved by regulators.

This taxicab is outfitted with Flywheel's GPS-approved taximeter, the first of its kind to be approved by regulators.

Humin (acq. by Tinder): Project/Product Management

Humin is an intelligent contacts management app, that helps organize your contacts by how you think about them. As a project manager on the product team, I helped gather requirements, manage the product development process, and launch the iOS and Android apps in the United States and European markets.

Humin app for iOS

Stanford & Duke University: Data Collection & Research

I was a research lead for a published study to calculate the impact that immigrant entrepreneurs in technology had on the US economy. Our study was widely cited and also included during a Congressional hearing on immigration.

As lead, I recruited and trained research assistants, managed data collection and analysis efforts, and collaborated with professors to publish the final research paper.